Turbocharge your THC line with this game-changing product!

discover the power of Lipofusion®

Whether your products are geared for wellness or recreation, patent pending Lipofusion® delivery technology will empower your brand to deliver a customer experience that earns repeat sales and brand buzz.

Lipofusion® is the remarkable intersection of nanotechnology and liposomal science. This groundbreaking delivery technology maximizes absorption and ensures the water solubility (miscibility) of hydrophobic bioactives that would otherwise pose challenges to product manufacturers in the supplements and functional and recreational food/beverage industries.

Today’s consumers are increasingly discerning. Many are seeking precision dosing, rapid onset, increased bioavailability, sustained release, and predictability. By leveraging the right delivery technology it’s possible to achieve these product attributes, and stand well above the competition.


Nanotechnology is considered the disruptive technology of this generation. The advantages of utilizing bioactives reduced to nanoparticle sizes are particularly pronounced when dealing with hydrophobic (fat soluble) bioactives.

Many of today’s leading manufacturers of functional foods and beverages, dietary supplements, and personal care products look to nanotechnology to take their brand to the next level.

However, winning and retaining market share requires further innovation and differentiation. While nanotechnology brings undeniable advantages, when combined with liposomal science the advantages are truly profound.

Decades of science proves the value of utilizing liposomal encapsulation to protect bioactives from degradation in the digestive system, effectively delivering bioactive payloads on a cellular level and significantly increasing absorption. This translates into a difference that consumers can truly feel.

To learn more about the advantages of Lipofusion®, read our Technology Snapshot.


We invite you to explore the potential of licensing Lipofusion® to speed product differentiation, expedite your entry to market, and capture new revenue opportunities.

This licensing opportunity empowers you to produce water soluble bioactive powder and/or liquid made with patent-pending nanoliposomal delivery technology.

Distribute these manufacturing-ready ingredients or utilize them to make white label or branded consumer products. There are many possibilities.

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